Ankle Support

Recent Lastrap Ankle Support modifications.

The modifications that we made recently to the Lastrap Ankle Support are going down a treat with our customers. The stitched edges are making our ankle support far more durable and long lasting. This combined with the slightly different materials used for the areas under the most stress has achieved our goal which was to make our ankle support longer lasting and more durable without changing the level of comfort of making the support any larger. 

So far we've had feedback from 16 customers of the new ankle support and every one of them have been positive, especially about the new stitched edges. For more information about the Lastrap Ankle Support please visit our website.

We have also now gone live with our global website. It can be found here.

Many thanks
Richard (The Happy Helper!)

Back Support

Lastrap Back Support with Thermovibe pad

We have now received the latest batch of Lastrap Back Supports so we're fully stocked in all sizes.

back support

The Lastrap Back Support was specifically designed to offer fast and effective relief from lower back pain. The outer support gently compresses the area and the Thermovibe pad soothes the area by keeping your lower back at a reasonable temperature and absorbing some of the microscopic vibrations that stop your back from healing. The end result is a back support that works incredibly well in the treatment of back pain.

The Lastrap Back Support has gained a reputation for fast and effective relief of back pain in the medical field and as such is often recommended or prescribed by doctors and professional medics.

Ankle Support

Lastrap Ankle Support

The Lastrap Ankle Support has recently undergone a full review and as a result a number of changes have been made. In the review we found that a small number of people reported the material under their foot separating from the foam after around 10 days of 14 hours a day. To fix this issue we created a number of mock ups, one with stitching around the affected area, one with better glue and one with a different material/foam combination. The mock ups with the added stitching and the better glue performed excellently but the one with the different material/foam combination showed no difference. As such, we then created another mock-up with the better glue and stitching and tested this (23 people, 14 hours a day over 3 weeks). This proved very successful and has now been put into production. The first batch with these changes arrives in around 6 weeks.

Tennis Elbow Support

Tennis elbow ranges from mild to severe but whatever the severity the Lastrap Tennis Elbow Support is ready to help. This tennis elbow support was designed specifically for tennis elbow and golfers elbow sufferers, it provides fast and effective relief from the pain and reduces your recovery time. It does this by:

The reasons above are why the Lastrap Elbow Support has become almost a cult product and one of the top selling joint support products in Canada, the United States and England.

For more information please visit the Lastrap web site.

tennis elbow support

Ankle Support

The Lastrap Ankle Support is one of our most renowned products and, as such, we have to deal with reasonably large quantities of them. We received a shipment last week and have now completed all our quality control checks and added them to our stock. The Lastrap Ankle Support is one of those rare products that provide excellent levels of support whilst remaining supremely comfortable even when used for extended periods of time.

Image of the Lastrap Ankle Support.

Lastrap Tennis Elbow Support

The renowned Lastrap Tennis Elbow Support is to remain available on the Lastrap web site. This decision has been made because most of the sales have been from America and Canada. As such relying on Amazon UK was not an option.

Click here for the Lastrap tennis elbow support.

Lastrap get new e-commerce website

Lastrap have now moved to a fully fledged e-commerce web site powered by the excellent Volusion engine. There are a number of benefits to this from a customers perspective which include:

This new system also makes it far easier for me to add new products, process orders and look into the order history.

Lastrap are the only provider of the renowned range of Lastrap products with their superb Thermovibe Gel pads. For more information please visit their web site at

Ankle Support

Lastrap Ankle Support with Thermovibe gel pad.

The Lastrap Ankle Support is one of the Lastrap product range that has been so successful throughout America and Canada. Their ankle support has been selling well for over ten years and has gained an excellent reputation for fast and effective relief from ankle pain. This is achieved by utilising a number of methods.

When you put all these attributes together in one package along with the free worldwide delivery you get a very good package at a very good price. For further information on the Lastrap ankle Support please see our web site.

ankle support

Lastrap Shoulder Support

After many months the renowned Lastrap Shoulder Support is now back on the shelves of our stock room again. Shoulder supports have a difficult job to do because of the awkward place of the shoulder. You'll notice that we stock a number of knee and elbow supports but only one shoulder support, this is because the only shoulder support we have ever found that actually works is this one. It works in a very different way to other shoulder supports, the Lastrap Shoulder Support provides soothing pain relief from shoulder bursitis by utilising our special gel filled Thermovibe pad. This special pad helps to stop your shoulder from overheating of from getting too cold. It also drastically reduces damaging microscopic vibrations that cause so much of your pain and discomfort. This allows the body to heal itself in record time. Please visit our website for more information. The Lastrap Shoulder Support is Latex free unisex and one size fits all.

shoulder supports

Lastrap Elbow Support

We are happy to report that the Lastrap Elbow Support is now back on the shelves again. It's taken six months but we have now secured a deal with a new manufacturer and can supply all out outlets as before. The Lastrap Elbow Support has been in demand for eight years and has, as such, built up a very good reputation for efficient pain relief from tennis elbow and golfers elbow. These supports are not placed over the elbow so are ideally suited for tennis elbow, swelling and arthritis. The reason these elbow supports are so effective at relieving pain is because of the gel filled Thermovibe pad. This is inserted inside the support and helps to regulate the temperature of the upper forearm. It also absorbs a large proportion of the damaging microscopic vibrations that cause so much pain.

elbow supports

Lastrap Elbow Support.

Premium Comfeel Knee Support v2 now available

Our new, and much anticipated, second generation Premium Comfeel Knee Supports are now available from our website. The original Comfeel Knee Support was one of our success stories, it was well made, well priced and quickly reduced pain, and it was these attributes that meant it was always going to sell well.
Instead of resting on our laurels we decided to contact the last 250 people who had purchased this support and ask them how it could be made better. The resulting changes are listed below.

The above changes make this outstanding knee support better than before but the main attributes remain the same. This is a supremely comfortable knee support that provides fast pain relief and can be worn all day.

Knee Support

To read more about this support or to purchase please visit the Lastrap web site

Premium CosyFeel Knee Support available very soon

Here at Lastrap we listen to our customers and make modifications to our products as requested, however this time we have gone even further and created a brand new knee support.

Our Premium Comfeel Knee Support has been our most popular product for about eight months easily outselling all our other products. The feedback we get is largely excellent however there are always exceptions. The feedback that is not so good all revolve around three key areas. The first is the support is not big enough (too tight), the second is the top rolls down the thigh and the third is they are not long enough. Obviously I was keen to make changes to this product to rectify these issues however most customers see the existing support as perfect so I came to the conclusion that what I actually needed was a brand new product. Enter the Premium CosyFeel Knee Support.

The changes that have been made to the ComFeel Knee Support to make the CosyFeel Knee Support are:

Size (Too Tight)
The new Premium CosyFeel Knee Supports have a more generous sizing meaning that when you slip the support onto your knee it is going to be less tight. This helps to make it more comfortable, it also makes it warmer (because there is more material) and it helps to stop the top from rolling down the thigh. Unfortunately it also costs more to produce because more material is used but what is important here is that the product is as near to perfect as humanly possible, everything else is secondary.

Better top and bottom bands (rolling down)
If a knee support is worn that is too tight it will have a tendency to roll down the thigh. There are two things that can be done to prevent this, the first is to make sure the size is correct, the second is to reinforce the top band. There are a number of ways to reinforce the top band, one way is to roll the material over so it's another layer thicker but this creates a tight area and it tends to catch on your clothes. After trying various ideas we settled on impregnating the top bands outer material with a stiffening agent and increasing the band size by 3mm. This has been tested and tested and works perfectly. We did the same to the bottom band too.

Not long enough
We questioned a substantial number of our existing customers who had purchased a ComFeel Knee Support and asked them if they were happy with the length of the support. Almost everybody said they were happy with the support as it is but it would be even better if it were a bit longer. Being longer means it can provide gentle warming to a larger area and a warm joint hurts less and heals more quickly than a cold joint. We have also found that a longer support also provides more pain relief when used of people who have no just patella pain, but pain that is in the upper calf or mid to lower thigh. Again, it costs us more to manufacture a longer support as there is more material involved but we concentrate our efforts to make the best support possible, everything else is secondary.

Other changes
While we were making the above changes to the support we decided it was an idea time to make the new CosyFeel Knee Support even better and make some others too. The material that we use for the outer part of the new support is the same as the old support but it's now 'brushed' which makes it feel even softer and more luxurious than before, it also helps to stop it from sticking to your trousers or skirt.

Supersoft Knee Support

Our new Premium Supersoft Knee Support was designed to be more comfortable, warmer, less tight and softer all whilst providing the same excellent level of pain relief and gentle support. To achieve this we have worked tirelessly with materials and shapes and sizes. We have increased to size of the support in order to make it less tight and more comfortable and have added an XXL option which has been requested by many customers. The result of all our hard work is a knee support that is very effective at reducing pain whilst remaining supremely comfortable even when worn for extended periods. The price will be the same as for our Comfeel Knee Support which is currently £8.99. The Supersoft Knee Support will be available from around the 20th November. Please check the Lastrap web site for further information. Images to follow.

Premium Ankle Support

Here at Lastrap we have been selling ankle supports for over ten years and during this time we have picked up quite an extensive knowledge of not only what makes a good ankle support but also what people want in an ankle support. What people want is just as important as performance as if someone buys one of our ankle supports but doesn't like it they're not going to wear it so the level of performance becomes irrelevant. Our old Lastrap Ankle Support was a great product and an excellent seller however after selling it for many years we built up a detailed picture of elements that were good and elements that were not so good. We then used this knowledge to design and manufacture our new Premium Ankle Support which is a replacement for the Lastrap Ankle Support.

We used our extensive knowledge (gained from years of experience) and combined that with input from various doctors and information we found on the Internet ( to create a new ankle support which is superior in just about every way to our old product. Our first job was go send this new support out to a number of our existing customers to ask their opinion. This stage was passed with flying colours. Lots of good noises were made but we also had 3 people say that our new premium ankle support was not as easy to fit inside of a shoe. This is true as the new support is a bit more bulky than the last one. We made a few design changes to make it slightly thinner and then sent the new one out to the same people. The result was a support that everyone felt was a vast improvement over the old one. We went live with this new support and have never looked back.

The support is best used in loose fitting trainers as it is more bulky that our old one but this is a compromise that we have had to make in order to achieve the high levels of support from this product. Just remember loose fitting trainer and you'll be fine.

ankle supports

Please visit the Lastrap web site for more information on their range of ankle supports.

Tennis Elbow Supports

Our Premium Tennis Elbow Support / Tennis Elbow Band has been with us for exactly one year so I thought that now would be a good time to report on its progress.  First let me give you a little background on this outstanding product.

Tennis Elbow

Our Premium Tennis Elbow Band quickly helps with pain from both tennis elbow and golfers elbow whilst remaining supremely comfortable even for extended periods of time. It uses a silicon filled pad combined with soft materials and a durable stainless steel fixing buckle to hold it in place and going by the feedback we receive, it works wonders.

Tennis Elbow is a difficult problem to fix and many people get repeating belts of it throughout their life. I myself experienced it many years ago as a child, I went to Camber Sands with my Dad and we were throwing stones into the sea. Within 10 minutes my elbow was hurting, an hour later I couldn't hold a cup without getting shooting pains through my elbow and forearm. When I visited the doctor a few days later I was prescribed  rest and told to stop throwing stones. It took about 6 weeks to get better.

For more information on Tennis Elbow I would recommend visiting the Tennis Elbow page on Wikipedia.


Knee Supports and August

Well, we have made it through August and are still here working hard to bring you our renowned product range. August is always a month of low sales and this August also experienced record temperatures which can help joints so sales should have been even lower. We did experience lower sales but not to the extent that we expected. We believe the reason for this is our varied product range combined with our outstanding customer service.

Our Premium Comfeel Knee Support has been selling like hot cakes. This is a knee support that has always sold well right from the outset, it's supremely comfortable materials, fast pain reduction and low price all mean that it was always going to be a winner.

Premium Comfeel Knee Support

Premium Comfeel Knee Support

This month we have introduced a new knee support to our range. It's similar to the Premium Comfeel Knee Support but it's made of a lighter weight material. We call it our Premium Lightweight Knee Support and from what I can see of the early sales figures it's selling very well indeed. The decision to sell a lightweight version of our highest selling knee support was takes because of the hot weather we experienced in England over the last few months.

Premium Lightweight Knee Support

Premium Lightweight Knee Support

Premium Compression Stocking

When designing our Premium Compression Stockings our goals were supreme comfort, uniform compression, long life and value for money. A compression stocking has two uses, one is venous diseases like varicose veins and blood pools, the other is for deep vein thrombosis (DVT stocking). Our products are all designed with performance in mind and if that means using materials that are expensive then so be it. The finish of our products are also exacting and of the highest quality and our Premium Compression Stockings are no exception. Every product we sell we wear for 48 hours to test it's comfort level. Our conclusion for both our mid thigh and below knee compression stockings is that they are both incredibly comfortable even after 48 hours. Since including our compression stockings in our range of products the mid thigh version has sold incredibly well and the feedback we are getting from customers is nothing but outstanding. Our premium compression stockings come in two versions, mid thigh and below knee. each version then comes in four sizes, small, medium, large and extra large.

compression stockings

For more information about our compression stockings please visit our website

Lightweight ankle support

Here at Lastrap we try our utmost to provide not only the very best levels of support (pun intended) but also the very best products available. This this in mind I would like to introduce our latest product; Our lightweight ankle support. This is a new product that was bought about by the warmer weather. I found my Comfeel Ankle Support was causing my ankle to overheat and as such thought about the same kind of support but made from lighter-weight materials.

Over the past 2 months we have been dealing with our manufacturer and have now created, what we believe to be, the very best lightweight ankle support on the market today. It has all the beautiful comfort of our Comfeel Ankle Support but with a lighter-weight and less heat retention. We have also modified the inner layer to a material that has even better moisture wicking abilities. The close heel has been replaced with an open heel design for added cooling. This also helps to avoid any tight spots. Below are some images of our new ankle support.

ankle supports

Our new ankle support is available from our website

Lightweight Knee Support

Alongside our new ankle support is our new lightweight knee support. It is made from the same comfortable and lightweight material as our lightweight ankle support so provides the same high level of comfort, even when worn for extended periods of time in warm weather. Knee supports are quite difficult to design correctly because most of them have tight spots round the knee cap and a loose area behind the knee. We use a material that gives a perfectly even compression all over the knee area meaning not tight or loose areas, just excellent pain relief almost immediately. Our Comfeel Knee Support has been one of our best sellers since we introduced it just over a year ago, this, we believe, is because of the fast pain relief, comfortable nature and low price. We have designed the lightweight knee support to the same design with the exception of the materials and the price is oven lower meaning you get even better value for money. The image below is of our lightweight knee support.

knee supports

Our Lightweight Knee Support can be purchased from our website